Rdhc web cam

rdhc web cam

TVアニメ「ノエイン もうひとりの君へ


Homebrew: Definition - A homemade trail camera constructed out of various brands and models of consumer point and shoot cameras, a control board, waterproof case and accompanying parts and accessories.

I began this hobby in January 2007 as a result of reading the above newspaper article about a friend of mine, and I really enjoy it. Trail cameras have been around for several years and so has the craft of making your own homemade version. In the past, individuals made their own trail cameras out of old, 35mm cameras and trip lines to trigger the camera. A big thanks to those pioneers of the craft!


The hobby has come a long way since those days. We are now using digital cameras, of which their megapixels are ever-increasing. The quality of the images is incredible as shown above. The cost to build one is far less than purchasing a comparable commercial model and the satisfaction you get out of making your own is great.

I put this site together for my own benefit, but also to assist others who already enjoy this hobby as well as the newcomers to the craft. If there is anything people would like to see added or altered, please feel free to email me at the bottom of the page, especially if you prefer not to have your site linked to, or if you would like your site added.

Disclaimer: I make no money from this site and am in no way endorsing any product, supplier, vendor, technique or individual. The site is intended only to be a resource for Homebrewers.

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