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Maritime Links - The Alabama, Pensacola

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These contain LIVE pictures from a number of interesting cities. The pictures are LIVE or near-LIVE and are particularly interesting in winter. Just click on the city name.

I'm starting to add astericks (*) to particulary good quality cams. (Usually large/fine pics). Click on the @ symbol to get the site or page picture is found on. Often the @ will give weather info. I'm starting to use M for motion for space reasons.

Those of you who are fortunate in that you use a Mozilla family browser (Firefox, SeaMonkey or Netscape) can right click many of these pictures and choose View Image and get native (often huge HD with * mark) resolution. This is especially important with WeatherBug and Wunderground cams. CHROME users can right click and open image in new tab. (Sorry IE users, you can't do this).

Florida Radio Stations Live - Listen Online

NOTE: Instacam as such is gone, and cams are subsumed by WeatherBug. And,  WeatherBug has totally reworked their site/cams. It will take some time to relink those cams. Page is undergoing major rework (some states are done).

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The home page of the AWO, the association for the U.S. barge and towing industry. Visit this site and learn the advantages of waterways transportation and who really benefits. (P.S. - it's you!) Raising the anchor 438 years later(P.S. - Brown Marine did it!). Website for sailing and racing in the northern Gulf Coast Area. 100 years ago - All you ever wanted to know. Lots of ship info! Check it out BEFORE you go!. The Florida Charter Boat fishing page. Lots of good Florida fishing info. A Public Company Preserving History - Visit their gallery, library, and other pages. More great info about our inland waterways. Boat US is a great organization for the Boater. They are the 'AAA' of boating. Resources for boaters, professional mariners, marine educators, marine spill response, oil exploration, oceans, etc. Historic & underwater photos of the Thomas Wilson. Dedicated to a greater understanding of the widespread public benefits of the American waterways system. Everybody needs to know this! Passages in the Bible that reference the Sea. The Florida Sea Base is the only facility of its kind in the world and is a jewel in the crown of Boy Scouting. Everything you wanted to know about PT Boats aka "Knights of the Sea". The Home Page of the Flagship of Admiral Sir John Jervis at St. Vincent. She is the world's oldest surviving warship still in use! A lot of info and photos relating to the Spanish Navy. Since Pensacola was founded by the Spanish it's only right to have a link like this! There's a lot of other navy links here too. National Maritime Historical Society's offical publication. This is a great organization and you should join if you support maritime history! One of the largest fish farming companies in the world, Stolt is a large diversified shipping company. Fish farms may be the way of the future when it comes to where we get our fish to eat. Learn the history and what's happening now in the Explorer program. Visit port authorities all over the Western Hemisphere. Directories, links, issues and more. A web site designed to make it easier for yachtsmen to find services they need on the Pacific Northwest coast. A fantastic site about the construction of the "Gotheborg III". She will be Sweden's only full-rigged sailing vessel and the largest wooden sailing ship of its kind in the world! Info on La Salle shipwreck site in Matagaorda Bay, TX as well as other links. LOTS of Admiralty law info!

The Home Page of the USS Mitcher. She was Commissioned in Pensacola, Florida! Online database and meeting place for fellow submarine officers. General info about the club/team. Visit the remains of 5 U.S. and Japanese aircraft carriers lost at the batle of Midway in WWII. LOTS of fishing info. Info on efforts to grow the sport of sailing and to help consumers discover it. An excellent article concerning a very serious problem that can rob the boat owner of many thousands of dollars of value if left untreated. Strange maps are in the Library of Congress. Did Atlantis really exist? Read this and see what you think! A LOT of good fishing info about Lake Ontario. A MUST SEE for anyone thinking about going fishing in that neck of the woods! Going fishing in Florida? Use This Page to See what's happening. A Web Site that tells you all you need to know to cruise the canals of England and Wales. A free on line propeller sizing analysis for your boat engine. This is an awsome site - it's ALL about boats!. Here you'll find the latest concepts, discoveries and breakthroughs in naval architecture and marine engineering at your fingertips. Good Info about the legends of Sea Monsters. This site is the Vancouver Island South District of this organization which is the largest nationwide association of boating enthusiasts in Canada. It has LOTS of good boating info. This page is dedicated to all who served aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard - Attack Aircraft Carrier Thirty-One (CVA-31).

Want to know how many ships are in the port of Hong Kong? This is the official Port of Hong Kong web page with lots of good info and pictures. The home page of the Western Isles Cruise and Dive Co.,Ltd. with good info on the maritime history of the Pacific Northwest. The comprehensive canal guide and canal business directory - maps, history, culture, engineering, museums, boats, boatyards, and lots more. The Merchant Mariner's Homeport - the Web's most comprehensive maritime resource. No, it's not the energizer bunny. These batteries were floating naval guns usually covered with iron plate and no propulsion. Find out more about them at this site! An gripping article from The Atlantic Monthly magazine about a river trip up the Congo. Yep, they've put the whole book here. (It's in seperate chapters) The Pride altimore II is the goodwill ambassador of the State of Maryland and the Port of Baltimore. She's a replica of an 1812-era topsail schooner that's going around the world. Keep up with her on this site. Everything you ever wanted to know about Austrailia's Maritime. Fishing, Canoeing, Charter Boats, Clubs, Sailing, and much more! Good glossery from a boat donation site. Go to the horse's mouth with this site. Owners of Hunters tell all! See tankers offloading at "America's superport." What can you do with old oil rigs? Find out here. Located in Newport News, VA. the Mariners' Museum is one of our richest sources of maritime information. It's a great museum and they have a great web page! Do you know where the calf of man is? Find out here! 1998 is the year of the ocean. This is a document prepared as a background discussion paper that explores the issues. Welcome to maritime archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology which is a part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Anything you want to know about the subject is here! A wonderful site! (Did someone say treasure!) The on-line edition of America's most informative marine magazine. Check out some of the greatest seafarers the world has ever known. A LOT of Viking info! Saida (Sidon) is said to mean "fishing". Find out about "Sidon", the third great Phoenician city-state, rivaling Byblos and Tyre as a naval power. Just to our West in Alabama, this a very active yacht club on Mobile Bay. Even though this is a California site it has a list of all the marinas in the USA! Need a marine surveyor? This is the membership roster of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors. People (reefers) are taking pics of their aquarium reefs! Find out more here. Southwinds magazine yacht club list of the SE USA. Marina Bay Yacht Club is located on Lake Logan Martin in north-central Alabama.

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They don't have many roads. They do it with ships and ferries. Find out all about it here. The "Mother" of weather web sites. A good collection of Maritime links. An old and very respectable Yacht club. LOT'S of Stuff. Information on studies done by Coe College on Dog Island, Florida which is off of Carrabelle. A good web site to learn more about Florida's marine critters. Another good information site. Need a marine freight forwarder? You'll find them here. Need info on a Norwegian Ship? This is the site! A great site to see the ships that have been put on postage stamps. This ship was better known by a different name. Find out here. If you love steamboats then this is the web site for you! Want Scuba info on Pensacola? Mark Brown has it here. No, I can't pronounce it either. It's Swedish and they're one of the best marine transportation companies in the business! Find out more about this outstanding company on their web page. (P.S. - they own Mobile Bay Towing Company). All you wanted to know about tugboats! They do more than just marine license stuff but since this is a marine links page we'll only mention that aspect of it. Find out here about their Web-Based training center. Everybody has heard of Tugboat Annie but did you know that there was fact to the fiction? Her name wasn't Annie but this site will tell you about the "real" Annie of Tacoma. If you like marine art then this is the site for you! Information about marine art and history as well as a picture galllery can be found on this site. Company info and fleet profiles on shipping companies. Going to Hawaii and want to sail? Then this is the site for you!. Ever thought about barging through Europe? Find out about Alastair Sawday's cruising barges that cruise the canals of Europe! The complete novel! In chapters of course. Also, you can go to other novels from this site. Want to travel by freighter? Find Info on this Site. Want to know where the marinas are? You'll find out here. The name says it all! Another great marina finding site. A college of Engineering, Science, and Management. Visit their new training ship. The NMI is the office within the National Park Service which specializes in preserving America's maritime heritage. Info on Blackbeard's shipwreck here! The rich maritime heritage of the Pacific Northwest is preserved by this fine organization. It is the official maritime museum of the State of Oregon. Australian Government site of their Department of Maritime Archaeology. Shipwreck guides, sites, projects, artefacts, and much more!.

Captain yourself through the waterways of France, Holland and Ireland on a self drive cabin cruiser. Current construction information on a great sailing vessel. The South fought many naval battles with the Yankees during the Civil War. This Mobile Alabama native remembers that era on his web site. If you own a boat then this site is of importance to you. Watermark Publishing - Home of the most comprehensive and in-depth cruising guides to the waters of the Southeastern USA. An informational site providing extensive information on world ports and marinas. All the best books and videos on the subject of boating! They're associated with and have LOTS of books! Learn about "Sail America", a sailing industry association that owns and operates three hishly successful trade shows each year (SAIL EXPOS). Europe has a very extensive network of inland waterways. This site is all about barge transportation in Europe. Come visit the California Delta's fabulous 1,000 miles of waterways. A great site! The place for Florida fishing fun! A great guide listing info important to mariners about coastal cities and much more! An outstanding organization that has served mariners of all nations since 1834! We owe these volunteers much thanks for their efforts towards boating safety and education. Home page of one of the Navy's newest amphibious assault ships. She was commissioned in Pensacola, Florida in August, 1998. A former BHR crewman has posted a web site. See her from a crewmember's perspective. The most comprehensive guide to currently marketed sailboats, gear, and equipment in the U.S. Info on Plimsoll Shipping, Australia. (They've got some neat .wav files too!) A good complilation of links to maritime news sources. Freelance, Broadcast, Underwater, Military, Medical and Stock Video. This page contains info on latest projects including info on Blackbeard's pirate ship Queen Anne's Revenge. The Online Boating EZline. Lots of boating stuff!

Internet based information service for the maritime industry. Details of the world fleet and vessel ownership are but a few of the services you'll find here. Web site of Intercoastal Financial Group, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale. Find out how they move grain!. Info on the Salmon issue. This show is a must for commercial vessel operators. It's held in New Orleans each year. Find out more about it here! Info on Texas' navigable waterways. A problem that threatens our waterways. Not a problem in the South ... Yet! Good info on Dredging. Lots of info on navigation and other stuff! A great organization! Their mission is "Safer boating through education". In case you don't know, it's in the Bahamas. If you're planning a trip then this web site is a must! One stop web site for all your recreational boating information needs. Info on oil spills! Shipping, hauling, extricating, salvaging and launching motor yachts, sailing cruisers, barges, trawlers, catamarian in Britain, Europe and the World! A good source of info on boat sales and transport for Britain and Europe! If you want the big money in commercial diving then this may be the site for you! A must if you want to cruise in Florida! Interested in or own a wooden boat? Then this site may be helpful. There's a Big Lake near Atlanta! This site has info about themselves and other clubs in Georgia. Sea Scouts in British Columbia Canada. They have over 30 years of design experience and say that they are one of the most progressive and multi-faceted Naval Architectural firms in the nation!. A Web site linking commerce & business of the Florida marine industry. Free screen savers, tall ships database, maritime photos and more! This is a manufacturer of epoxies, paints, coatings and other products. Marine oriented and has some good marine links. If you're looking for a new or used boat, engines, or just some maritime info then this is a super site! If you plan to sail to the Islands or just want to know more about the Caribbean then this is the web site for you! The title says it all! Looking for that old shipmate or want to know if there's a reunion coming up? This is the place to find out! Where's your ship? Here's a list complied by the Navy of some of the decomissioned ships and what happened to them! A great page of links to the homepages of many of our Naval Ships If you'd like to rent a trawler yacht and cruise around the Chesapeake Bay area but don't know how to run a boat then this is the site for you! Facts about ships, aircraft, missles and more in the Navy! A boating family that will show you all about their favorite part of the USA!! Information on Salmon! A good sailling guide to the Pacific Northwest!! Great Info on Kayaks!

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