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The Advantages of Hot Mopping Your

Hot Mopping your Shower Pan...Done DKShowerPans; Hot Mop my Shower Pan...Who should I use? Shower Pan Failures the How and Why... Hot Mopping the

There are a lot of products on the market that meet the ANSI compliance requirements(A118.10 andA118.12) for shower pan water proofing, but not all are created equal!!! 

Many people in and out of the trades wanting to try and save money will tackle the "water-proofing" for there shower pan, and in certain instances it may work out that way.

Experienced tile contractors know the importance of the shower pan and take the time and effort to install a quality sheet good shower pan but rarely can that be done as cost effictively as a hot mopped shower pan done by DKShowerPans. 

All water proofing systems can and do work, but some even when installed per manufactures instructions have there disadvantages, and as we explore the differances between some of the products currently on the market, and the disadvantages they may impose.

We at DKShowerPans offer one of the oldest time tested methods for a very competitive price, with a faster install time, backed by a company with 100,000+ hot mopped shower pans completed in its company history! All insurances and workmans comp. up to date. The very best in customer service in the field and in the office!  

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